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ClutchCourt Performance Architectural Specification

Clutch Court Care & Maintenance Guide

Clutch Court Performance Environmental Fact Sheet

Performance  Versatile Multi-Purpose Flooring

The Performance system is Tarkett Sports’ most popular wood floor. It incorporates two plywood layers for stability and 3/4” CoreCushion shock pads for a high-level shock absorption. This system is engineered as a competitive sports surface and is MFMA PUR compliant. Performance is also a popular flooring option for dance and aerobic areas.

The maple hardwood in our ClutchCourt Series is supplied exclusively from world-class producer WD Flooring. With a two layer 15/32” plywood foundation, a variety of different durometer 3/4” CoreCushion shock pads, the Performance system is Tarkett Sports best-selling wood floor. This system is well suited for basketball and is constructed with competitive sports in mind. It is also a popular wood floor for dance studios and aerobic exercise areas.

Maple Grades 

Premium Grade

Premium Maple includes only boards that are free of any discoloration or distinguishing marks. This grade yields a court surface with the most visually uniformity.

Second Grade

By far the most popular grade option, Second Grade Maple creates an aesthetically unique court by blending some boards with visible grain marks and others that are unmarked.

Third Grade

Third Grade Maple is the least expensive of the ClutchCourt maple grades. A majority of the boards included in this grade have distinguishing marks and unique grains, creating a court with distinct character.

Shock Pads 

70 Durometer

3/4" Core Cushion Shock Pad

55 Durometer

3/4" Core Cushion Shock Pad

45 Durometer

3/4" Core Cushion Shock Pad


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