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Lumaflex  Competitive Gym Flooring

Lumaflex is a Class 4, high performing competitive gym flooring solution that provides an unparalleled combination of deformation, performance safety and comfort. By adding an area-elastic birch plywood sub-system to a point-elastic surface, Lumaflex provides the athlete with the best of both worlds. Lumaflex is the definitive sports floor for comfort, safety, and sports performance. This combined response generates remarkably high levels of shock absorption and natural stability underfoot. On a Lumaflex floor, you can train, practice, and play for longer periods of time with less fatigue and more comfort.

Colors  Customize Your Flooring

  • Omnisports Speed

    Omnisports Multi-Use

    Omnisports Active+

    Omnisports PurePlay

    Omnisports Compact

    Select From Omnisports Product Colors
  • Carmine Red





    Navy Blue


    Gray Blue


  • Ocean Blue 1200-0011

    Tarkett Blue 1200-0092

    Deep Blue 1200-0111

    Dark Navy Blue 1200-0081

    Southern Blue 1200-0168

    Midnight Blue 1200-0181

    Purple 1200-0175

    Black 1200-0091

    Gauntlet Grey 1200-0154

    Mid Grey 1200-0180

    Dolphin Grey 1200-0004

    Storm Grey 1200-0102

    Light Grey 1200-0083

    Grey 1200-0060

    Grey Screen 1200-0184

    Grey Smoke 1200-0077

    Morning Fog 1200-0066

    Grey Cloud 1200-0085

    Smoothie 1200-0068

    Purdue Gold 1200-0162

    Desert 1200-0015

    Classic Tan 1200-0089

    Beige 1200-0133

    White 1200-0900

    Pink Panther 1200-0186

    Sundried Tomato 1200-044

    Red Theatre 1200-0181

    Real Red 1200-0084

    Bright Red 1200-0044

    Orange 1200-0094

    Bright Orange 1200-0065

    Gallant Gold 1200-0123

    Gold 1200-0043

    Butterfield Yellow 1200-0177

    Yellow 1200-0149

    Vibrant Yellow 1200-0149

    Sage Green 1200-0006

    Tropical Green 1200-0135

    Garden Green 1200-0062

    Grass Green 1200-0093

    Green 1200-0113

    Garden Cucumber 1200-0155

    Boyden Green 1200-0169

    Chapel Hill Blue 1200-0073

    Blue 1200-0161

    Pool Blue 1200-0096

    Blue Jay 1200-0125

    Royal Blue 1200-0037

    Blue Blood 1200-0184

    Blue Chip 1200-0063

  • Red







  • Medium Gray

    Light Blue



    Bright Yellow

Lumaflex Surfacing Options


High performance and durability with up to 60% recycled materials.


This linoleum sports floor is manufactured with all natural materials, including wood, linseed oil, cork, rosin, and calcium carbonate.

PolyTurf Plus Pad & Pour

This polyurethane pad and pour system is formulated for superior durability, high quality playing surface with shock absorption, precise game line markings, and stain resistance.


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