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For Walking, Jogging, or Competition … we have you covered. The product option vary drastically from Aesthetics to Performance to Budget. Let us help guide you to the right product.  

What to Consider

  • Ultimate flexibility, and versatility in hosting a wide variety of sports disciplines

  • A solution that will last a lifetime. - durability

  • Indoor and outdoor tracks

  • Athletics tracks host several disciplines during both training and competition

  • uniform dynamic response and complete control over stride, rhythm, and balance for every athlete, professional, and amateur alike

  • Long-lasting, low-maintenance tracks.

  • Extensive expertise in designing floor systems for collegiate track and field activities

  • They also perform as campus recreation and multifunction facilities

  • Compliant with industry performance standards in both running spike-resistant and spike-proof configurations.

  • Ideal surface friction that protects runner and jogger safety

  • Excellent acoustics and sound absorption perfect for elevated indoor running and jogging tracks

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