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These all-encompassing facilities have it all:  Fitness, Strength, Gymnasium, Training Turf, Jogging Track, and more!  These spaces are not a “one size fits all,” and neither are the flooring products that go in these spaces. There are specific flooring products that were designed to meet the needs of each specific space, and we have them.  

Flooring isn't one-size-fits-all!

Like fitness flooring, recreation and wellness flooring isn’t one-size-fits-all. At the Icon Group, our floor reps will fill you in on how the right floor can help define activity-specific areas and what flooring material is appropriate for the different activities that take place in your center. We’ll keep you within your budget and make sure your flooring choices will withstand daily wear and tear, meet your maintenance expectations, and provide top quality safety and comfort to your members. Chat with one of our expert flooring reps today to learn more about how we can simplify reaching your recreation and wellness flooring goals. 


Recreation and wellness centers are unique in their flooring needs due to the variety of activities they host. It's essential to delineate spaces with the right flooring to define activity-specific areas effectively. For instance, high-impact aerobics might require resilient, shock-absorbing surfaces, while yoga or meditation spaces benefit from softer, non-slip mats. Budgeting is vital, but it's equally important to choose materials that can endure daily wear, meet maintenance expectations, and prioritize member safety and comfort. By understanding these nuances, one can tailor flooring solutions that elevate both the function and ambiance of each space, ensuring an optimized experience for all users.

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