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GMax (Shock Absorption)

Standard: ASTM F355

Value: 83G

Force Reduction

Standard: EN 14808

Value: 61%


Standard: EN 14809

Value: 7.5mm

Energy Restitution

Standard: IRB

Value: 37%

Ball Rebound

Standard: FIFA 08

Value: 0.64m

Ball Roll

Standard: EN 122234

Value: 6.5mm

Impact Turf  Versatile and Less Abrasive

Impact Turf features a strong textured polyethylene slit-film fiber designed specifically for intense indoor training areas. The system offers excellent durability with less abrasiveness than typical nylon or polypropylene carpets. Combined with a 5mm foam backing, Impact Turn doesn't sacrifice comfort or performance. With a multitude of available colors, you can truly make your facility unique. Backed by Icon Group's leading reputation and quality, you can trust that Impact Turf is the optimal solution for your training or indoor multi-sport area. Impact Turn is a durable product that is manufactured by Icon Group for indoor and outdoor use. Impact Turf provides a much less abrasive surface than nylon or polypropylene and superior wear resistance to withstand the harshest treatment. Impact Turf is approximately 25mm thick, combining a 20mm polyethylene turn with a 5mm foam backing, providing superior safety and performance.



Functional Training

Extreme Functional Training

Colors  Customize Your Flooring

Impact Blue


Field Green

Icon Yellow





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