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PUR-bonded SBR granules and EPDM color flecks

Slip Resistance

Pass according to ASTM F2772


3/8-in, 5/16-in, 1/4-in

Force Reduction

12.9%-13.7% according to ASTM F2772

Standard Roll Dimension

Width: 48-in              Length: Custom

Energy Restitution

85%-86% according to ASTM F2772

Impact Resistance

14N/m according to EN1517Product

Coefficient of Friction

.0.95 according to ASTM D2047

Acoustic Data

REGUPOL Aktiv over 6-in concrete slab

STC 54 per ASTM E90
IIC 53 per ASTM E492
∆ IIC 24 per ASTM E2179


5 Years

IMPACT  Tried & True Gym Flooring

Designed with “fitness for a purpose,” the dense, resilient IMPACT surface allows for maximum comfort underfoot and absorbs the shock of weight training impact. It is formulated to rebound from high impact with its tough resiliency, slip resistant surface and sound suppressive features. These 48″ wide rolled surfaces are available in 28 standard colors, multiple thicknesses and customized roll lengths. IMPACT is made of 100% post-consumer tire and post-industrial EPDM rubber, and is recommended for all fitness surfaces. Recycled rubber sport flooring has been the choice of athletes for over 35 years.


Free Weights


Locker Rooms


Tire & Sled

Cleat Sports

Ice Arenas

Colors  Customize Your Flooring

  • Solid Black

    10% Yellow

    10% Purple

    10% Tan

    10% Red

    10% Clay

    10% Green

    10% Gray

    10% Blue

    10% Blue/Gray

  • 20% Red

    20% Gray

    20% Orange

    20% Blue

    20% Yellow

    20% White/Gray

    20% Dark Blue

  • 35% Green

    35% Purple/Gray

    35% Tan

    35% Blue/White

    35% Gray/White

    35% Blue/Gray

    35% Red/Gray

  • 95% Light Brown

    95% Light Gray

    95% Dark Gray


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