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The most important decision when selecting a Gymnasium floor is:  Do you want Wood or Synthetic?  Once you make that decision, we have various products to offer, each with it’s list of Pro’s and Con’s.  What are the primary and secondary sports that this floor is intended for?  Will there be Tables, Chairs, or High-Heeled shoes on this floor?  What will your maintenance program be?  We would love to sit down with you to discuss these variable, and help you make the right decision for your Gymnasium floor.  

Versatility. Durability. Maintenance.

The right flooring is essential for any gymnasium. Here at the Icon Group, we’ll ensure that your gym floor fits your team’s, community’s, school’s, and facility’s needs. We start by comparing the pros and cons of wood gym flooring and synthetic gym flooring to determine the appropriate floor versatility, durability, and maintenance for your expected gymnasium usage and regional environmental conditions. That way, your gym floor, and subfloor will meet industry standards, reduce operating costs and injury risk, and have the right amount of shock absorption, traction, and give. Sit down with our Icon Group gym flooring experts to discuss the technical and design variables that play into selecting the right gym floor.


In collegiate and professional arenas, where sports performance meets institutional pride, the choice of gymnasium flooring becomes paramount. Optimal shock absorption is essential not just for athlete safety, but also for enhancing performance, reducing fatigue, and minimizing injury risks. Whether choosing hardwood for its tradition and bounce consistency, or a high-end synthetic for its adaptability and resilience, it's crucial to consider factors like maintenance longevity, adaptability to varied events, and environmental sustainability. 

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