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Flooring is a key component in attracting new members, and retaining existing clients. Driving factors in selecting the right flooring products for a fitness space are: Aesthetically Pleasing (wow factor), Low Maintenance (looks clean), and Total Cost of Ownership (durable).  And, it’s important to use different products in different spaces to designate specific areas. We can help you find the right product for the right space.  

What Type of Flooring do I need for my fitness center?

1. The Wow Factor 

Does your floor look aesthetically pleasing?

2. The Yuck Factor 

Is it easy to keep your floors clean?

3. The Tough Factor 

How durable are your floors and what’s your total cost of ownership?


At the Icon Group, our fitness flooring experts know you want to provide peak performance, safety, and versatility for your member’s fitness needs and goals. Don’t let a lousy flooring decision slow your business down. The right fitness floor is low maintenance and versatile and helps prevent bacteria or mold growth - even in high-traffic areas. However, fitness flooring isn’t one-size-fits-all, and it’s essential to use the appropriate flooring products in different spaces to help accommodate a variety of activities and designate activity-specific areas. Link up with one of our reps for expert assistance in choosing the right floor for your people. 

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